You may already know what roofing materials you are going to use, or you may still be thinking about which collection of roofing shingles you should settle on. In any case, you can now estimate how many shingles you will need.

You can do it using our special service called the Roofing Calculator.

Our online Roofing Calculator provides important information in a matter of seconds: as soon as you enter the required parameters, the program compiles a document that you can print or save on your computer.

To estimate how much roofing you will need, you have to know the basic dimensions of the building. The best way to get the most accurate data is to take some measurements or refer to the building plan.

The entire process won't take longer than a few minutes.

Below are some simple steps to calculate how much roofing you will need.

1. Create the main element: click Add and select roof type. Click Next.
2. At the next step, select the option to enter the measurements: select whether you know the pitch angle or not and proceed to the measurements form.
3. Enter the measurements and click Finish.
4. Next, create additional elements (you can add more than one element): 

  • First, click Add under the first house image and select the type of the additional element. Click Next.
  • Select the option to enter the measurements: select whether you know the pitch angle or not.
  • Enter the measurements of the additional element and click Finish.
  • You can add more than one additional roof element following the above procedure.
5. After you have entered all additional elements, click Calculate to get the result.

You can view the result at once or print it out later. You can also save it on your computer as PDF or XLS.

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