Old Roof Renovation
30pxManual for installation of roofing shingles by TECHNONICOL: torching method

Old Roof Renovation

With SHINGLAS multilayer shingles from TechnoNICOL, it is easy and simple to renovate your old roof. 

 Manual for installation of roofing shingles by TECHNONICOL: torching method

Any roof will eventually lose its original appearance; at the same time, the performance of this part of a building also deteriorates. Various “diseases” appear sooner for some types of roofing and later for others. The need to repair your roof may be due to many reasons: long-term service, adverse environmental impacts, installation errors, poor quality of materials used for roof installation, etc. In any case, roof repair is not only tedious but also inevitable.

With a wealth of experience in the roofing market, TechnoNICOL offers a wide variety of efficient solutions for fast and cost effective roof repair and renovation using TechnoNICOL SHINGLAS shingles.

Please watch our video instructions on how to replace your old roofing with SHINGLAS roofing shingles from TechnoNICOL:

1. How to Replace Metal Shingles with Roofing Shingles 

2. How to Replace Seam Roofing with Roofing Shingles

3. How to Replace Old Roofing with Multilayer Shingles

4. How to Replace Slate Roofing with Multilayer Shingles

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