Plastic ventilation system VILPE
Коньковый вентиль VILPE® AIRIDGE FELT
Размеры: 580 х 325 х 30 мм.
No matter what materials are used for roof construction, there are some assemblies and parts that are likely to cause concern and therefore require close attention. Roofing is no exception. Some time ago, a reinforced roof covering and makeshift parts made of materials at hand were used to address this issue.

Today, everything is much easier: manufacturers of this type of construction materials also produce special parts, vents, and water drains for certain areas of concern.

These roofing components are made of PVC, EPDM, or polyethylene, and this is why their installation procedure differs in many ways. For example, EPDM or polyethylene components are installed on polymer and asphalt roofs using gas burners while PVC components are installed using deposit welding or hot-air welding.