The system is designed for the creation of a cold attic on pitched roofs of any complexity and configuration. SHINGLAS roofing shingles are used as a roof coating.


System components:

  1. SHINGLAS roofing shingles
  2. ANDEREP underlay
  3. Wooden planking (OSB-3, WBP plywood)
  4. Thin lathing
  5. Rafter

Description of the system:

The comfort of living in a home over the course of many years largely depends on the quality of the materials used during the construction process as well as on their correct installation.

The TN-SHINGLAS Classic system provides ample opportunities for the creation of a cold attic, including the implementation of architecturally complex roofing designs. The system's integrity is ensured by the unique properties of the SHINGLAS roofing shingles, which form a sturdy solid surface during installation. In addition, the quality of SHINGLAS roofing shingles is supported by an insurance certificate issued by ROSNO insurance company, which amounts to 35 million rubles. The variety of shapes and colors of the roofing allows for implementing tailor-made solutions and achieving unusual artistic effects.

Computer-aided manufacturing, multi-step control, and improved raw materials are the key to reliability and high quality of the system, as certified by the ISO 9001:2008 international standard and various European and Russian certificates. The optimal combination of components and the absence of customs duties and transportation costs make the system absolutely affordable.

The advantages of using the system:

  • Easy installation of the roofing system
  • Absolute roof integrity
  • Easy application on any roof shapes, even the most complex ones.


·         The system is successfully used for the creation of an attic floor in low-rise buildings and cottages. SHINGLAS roofing shingles are used as a roof coating.


System components:

  1. SHINGLAS roofing  shingles
  2. ANDEREP underlay
  3. TechnoNICOL superdiffusion membrane
  4. TECHNOLIGHT rock wool
  5. TechnoNICOL vapor barrier film
  6. Wooden planking (OSB-3, WBP plywood)
  7. Thin lathing
  8. Beams for ventilation channels
  9. Rafter
  10. Step lathing under the insulation
  11. Attic ceiling

Description of the system:

Opting for the construction of an attic floor is a great way to utilize attic space as cost effectively as possible and maximize the volume of the entire building. This is particularly important for large cities. An open-plan attic has a special charm and offers the ability to create a cozy and comfortable interior to suit individual preferences. The TN-SHINGLAS Attic system is effectively used to implement a wide variety of roofing designs in the construction of the attic floor.

All materials used in the system are made by TechnoNICOL Corporation plants. Roofing shingles are manufactured at the Shinglas plant according to the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard system, which ensures its high performance qualities. All production is fully automated, which eliminates the possibility of human error affecting the final product. Since the production facilities are located in Russia, and there are no customs or logistics costs to bear, we can offer the best prices to our end customers.

The system combines conventional construction technologies and innovative materials that have unique properties. One of the features of the system is the use of TechnoNICOL superdiffusion membrane placed above the insulation. The membrane effectively blocks particles of rock wool from being blown out of the insulation, prevents drafts from sucking heat out of a room, and also facilitates the rapid removal of water vapor from the interior of the insulation to the outside. The vapor barrier layer, which is installed from the inside, also retains the basic properties of insulation when diffusing warm moist air and thus prevents the formation of condensate.

SHINGLAS roofing shingles used as a roof coating create unique architectural expressiveness through a wide range of colors and original cut shapes. In addition, due to the special properties of bitumen, SHINGLAS roofing shingles form a unique uniform coating during installation that ensures absolute integrity of the system. 

Advantages of the TN-SHINGLAS Attic system:

  • The entire volume of the building is utilized efficiently.
  • Installation is easy and simple.
  • The system can be used on any roof shapes, including hip roofs and onion-shaped roofs.
  • We offer a wide variety of roof colors and cutting shapes.
  • With the TN-SHINGLAS Attic system, you create the best microclimate in the attic room and protect it from unwanted noise, cold, or sweltering heat.
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