Why do you feel comfortable with TechnoNICOL SHINGLAS all year round?
Protects against
melting snow
Protects against
external fire
waterproofing quality
Easy and
simple installation

TechnoNICOL SHINGLAS: applications*
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SHINGLAS multilayer shingles from TechnoNICOL are a new roofing standard!
Reliability and durability are the key advantages of SHINGLAS multilayer shingles from TechnoNICOL. The multilayered structure will protect your home for years to come. This roofing material can be used for any pitched or domed roofs. The material is usually used for covering single-family homes and multistoried buildings, churches and mosques, municipal and sports facilities, and outside structures.
Its resistance to environmental loads, including wind, solar, and hydraulic loads, is so high that the manufacturer's official warranty covers up to 60 years. No matter what the climate is, TechnoNICOL SHINGLAS provides guaranteed comfort and safety in your home.
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