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Warranty 30years
Although as recently as a few years ago double-layer roofing shingles were an upmarket product, today we made it affordable for everyone. The RANCHO series is a real proof that the ideal value for money does exist. Thousands of households have already chosen this collection. Now it's your turn.
How does Technonicol SHINGLAS provide year-round comfort?

in an aggressive environment

Protection from
sliding snow

Protection from
external fire outbreaks

hydro insulation

Noise protection

Простота монтажа

Cutting shape
The size of a single element: 100 × 33,5 cm
Color palette
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Вид нарезки
Characteristicsfor the cut selected above
Physical and mechanical properties
Base Heavy-duty fiberglass
Type of surface dressing Multifractional basalt granulation
Water tightness, % 100
Shingle thickness, mm 2,5 (+0,2) -толщина одного слоя
Weight of 1 m2 of finished roofing, kgm 12,5
Logistics parameters
Package dimensions, mm 338х1005х55
Package weight, kg 25
Packages in one pallet, pcs 42
Pallet dimensions, cm 105х105
Pallet weight, kg 1175