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Warranty 50years
JAZZ double-layer roofing shingles are available in a variety of elegant colors. The guaranteed service life for this collection is 50 years, which makes it one of the most popular series among our buyers. The JAZZ series is ideal for those who keep an eye on current trends and follow them in their everyday life.
How does Technonicol SHINGLAS provide year-round comfort?

in an aggressive environment

Protection from
sliding snow

Protection from
external fire outbreaks

hydro insulation

Noise protection

Простота монтажа

Cutting shape
The size of a single element: 100 × 33,5 cm
Color palette
Jazz Alikante
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Jazz Barcelona
Jazz Barcelona Увеличить
Jazz Castilia
Jazz Castilia Увеличить
Jazz Corrida
Jazz Corrida Увеличить
Jazz Indigo
Jazz Indigo Увеличить
Jazz Sevillia
Jazz Sevillia Увеличить
Jazz Terra
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Jazz Toskana
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Sicily New color
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Characteristicsfor the cut selected above
Physical and mechanical properties
Base Heavy-duty fiberglass
Type of surface dressing Multifractional basalt granulation
Water tightness, % 100
Shingle thickness, mm 3,0 (+0,2)
Weight of 1 m2 of finished roofing, kgm 13,5
Logistics parameters
Package dimensions, mm 338x1005x55
Package weight, kg 27
Packages in one pallet, pcs 42
Pallet dimensions, cm 105x105
Pallet weight, kg 1159